Social Work

The program “Social work” is designed for students interested in management of social work, social work in the social service system, psychological work with different categories of the population, social work with children of social risk and their families.

Based on the foundation of the theory and methods of social work, obtained in the program of required courses, students specializing in the management of social work will take courses such as: “History and theory of social work”, “General and social psychology”, “Technology of social work”, “Medical bases of social work”, “Legal support of social work”, “Social policy”, “Integrated methods of social services”, “Social services: organization, management, standardization in social work”, “Social work with children and family”, “WED with youth», “SR with the elderly” etc.

What can I do with this program?

The range and depth of the program will provide competitive graduates in the labor market. They will be able to contribute to the development of social management, social services in education, health, social security, including the implementation of new social projects. They will also be employable by government departments, such as those dealing with social development and welfare. Our students have good opportunities for academic mobility and admission to master’s degree programs to further develop their expertise.

Psychological work with different categories of the population

On the trajectory of “Psychological work with different categories of the population” the following disciplines will be studied: “General and social psychology”, “Psychodiagnostics and socio-psychocorrection”, “personality Psychology”, “Workshop on psychology”, “Mental disorders and deviantology”, “Integrated methods of social services”, “Social work with children and family”, “social work with youth”, “Social work with the elderly”, etc.

The purpose of this trajectory is to teach students the peculiarities of psychodiagnostics and counseling work with individuals and various social groups.

General and social psychology-this discipline generalizes theoretical and experimental psychological research, integrates psychological knowledge, theoretical principles and methods of psychology, its basic concepts and categorical structure in their current state and historical development; studies the patterns of behavior and activity of people due to their inclusion in, and exclusion from, social groups, as well as psychological characteristics of the groups themselves.