Public administration

The program  Public administration”  is designed for students interested in    management at ministries, institutions, committee and agencies; research institutes and scientific centers,  local governing bodies, local authorities of regions, cities and districts; national holding corporations, population service centers (PSCs) and others. Based on the basics of the theory of public administration and methods of state regulation of social and economic processes in regions (regions , cities, districts), students specializing in public administration will take courses such as ” Theory of public administration “, “Regional economy and management”, “Forecasting and planning of the national economy”, “Organization of public service and anti-corruption policy of the state”, “E-government and e-services”, “Economic basis of local self-government”.

What can I do with this program?

Training under this program will allow graduates to apply modern administrative approaches in management and provide public administration bodies with qualified personnel with analytical, organizational and managerial skills that are socially active and have a clear role in the development of civil society. The attractiveness of the profession:   stability of social status, prestige of professional activity, career growth and involvement in ensuring the effectiveness of administrative reforms in Kazakhstan. In addition our students have good opportunities for training in academic mobility and admission to the master’s program.