Nurshat Zhazykova

3rd-year student

My name is Nurshat, I’m a 3rd-year student of School of Law and Social Sciences, specialty “Standardization and certification”. I was born and raised in Atyrau.

Prestige, quality of education, reputation, unlimited opportunities — this is what distinguishes our Narxoz.

The University provides an opportunity to realize my goals and I believe that I will join the ranks of successful graduates of Narxoz.


Aida Dosmukhambetova

4th-year student

My name is Aida Dosmukhambetova. I am a 4th year student, majoring in statistics. I am from West Kazakhstan region, Uralsk. My parents assured me that this is one of the most prestigious universities in the country with a rich history. In our University all is for the student. That’s true. Without any difficulty, everyone can contact the Student Desk, where he will be told how to solve the problem. Also, the educational system provides students with a variety of software that are in demand in the labor market. It is also worth noting that we have been studying English for 4 years and this gives us the opportunity to prepare IELTS. That is why students Narxoz are valuable after graduation.


Ramil Iolcu

2nd-year student

My name is Ramil Iolcu, I’m from Almaty. For the first time Narxoz University conquered me when I passed IELTS here: a bright building, a cozy courtyard, but the most important thing is the changes and policy of the University. It was very important for me to associate my specialty with a passion for computer technology. So choice and fell on Narkhoz. No less important fact for me is the presence of the military Department, which makes it possible to get a military card at the same time with a diploma of higher education.