Kulаmbaev Bakhytzhan

Kulаmbaev Bakhytzhan holds awards from the city and university, for holding the Unified national testing by MES and has been recognized by the program “Bolashak” for organizing and holding events in Norwich, UK. Research and teaching focuses on cybersecurity, database management, systems architecture and the development of multilingual automatic speech recognition technology using deep neural networks.


Neverova Elena

Neverova Elena participated in the development of the state standard in the specialty “Information systems” (bachelor and master) in 2004. She has written 35 scientific and methodological articles in various international publications which were included in the KKSON RK and developed training in “technology development of databases and knowledge.” She has been responsible for the formation of the theme of diploma projects and master’s theses for 15 years. She is a specialist in the field of database development, in particular, Oracle DBMS, and has undergone intensive training in the field of Data Science.


Mukhamedzhanova Gulnara

senior lecturer, master of information systems

Mukhamedzhanova Gulnara – senior lecturer, master of information systems, Department of Technology and ecology has published more than 25 scientific papers, including 2 manuals, dedicated to the course “Computer graphics”.She conducts lectures and laboratory classes in the following disciplines: “Information and communication technologies”, “Graphic programming”, “Web-technologies”, “Computer applications in business”, “information and analytical systems SAS”, “Modeling of economic and financial processes on the Gretl and Excel platform”.


Kalpebayev Azamat

Master of information systems, senior lecturer

Kalpebayev Azamat is a Master of information systems, senior lecturer, Department of Technology and ecology. He was awarded with a diploma by KazNTU for training students of Kazakhstan World Cup programming ACM 2007. Azamat is a trainer-practitioner who has conducted trainings/seminars/courses on management systems WMS, CRM, programming in high-level languages and object-oriented programming DELPHI, C / C++, JAVA, etc.  Azamat was trained in the framework of the Unified program of business support and development “business Road map 2020” on the project “Business Advisor” for entrepreneurs and the population with entrepreneurial initiative.


Krasnova Olga

Krasnova Olga was trained at the Joint Vienna Institute and the World Bank Group (Vienna) and has participated in the international conference of Harvard University (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), 2017.She is the author of over 100 scientific and methodical publications in total . For the period 2013-2018 she has 49 publications in total.

Jumabekov Kudaibergen

Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences

Jumabekov Kudaibergen – is an Associate Professor of “Technology and environment”. A Candidate of Economic Sciences, he created a financial and educational holding group, which includes 13 infrastructure entities of the national banking system of Uzbekistan; he is a co-author of the first Draft law ” on joint stock societies” and 30-volume Kazakh-Russian and Russian-Kazakh Terminology “dictionary of Statistics, standardization and intellectual property» He has more than 50 scientific works on the problems of economy, banks, finance, training and ecology.


Daulbayeva Almira


Daulbayeva Almira, PhD has created online courses for the discipline “Ecology and sustainable development”.  Teaching and research interests focus on environmental problems such as air pollution and urban land cover territories. She teaches the following disciplines: “soil science”, “Applied climatology”, “Ecology of animals and plants”, ” biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology. She is the author of more than 35 scientific works, including a textbook.


Salimbayeva Rasima

Candidate of Economic Sciences and Associate Professor

Salimbayeva Rasima Amenovna is a Candidate of Economic Sciences and Associate Professor of “Technology and ecology”. She has published 38 scientific papers on socio-environmental and economic problems, a textbook entitled “Social ecology and sustainable development”, scientific monograph “New silk road: from regional cooperation to the integration of Kazakhstan into the world economic and political space”. Rasima has completed internships at universities in Italy (Rome, University of Uninettuno, Viterbo University Russia) and the Russian Federation (Moscow, MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov).


Sabira Mukhanbetova

Sabira Mukhanbetova was awarded with diplomas of KazEU, NEU in the categories “Best textbook of the University”, “the most popular textbook and manuals in the Kazakh language” for the textbook “Statistics”and textbook ” statistics theories”. She is the author and co-author of 17 textbooks and manuals. She has published more than 70 scientific works. Sabira participated in the scientific project of the UN Development Program (UNDP) in Kazakhstan to promote the idea of the concept of human development (2002-2007), in the research project “Demographic forecast of the Republic of Kazakhstan: main trends, challenges, practical recommendations”


Aigul Musulmankulova

Aigul Musulmankulova was awarded with  “Algys hat” to the 20th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan, letters of honor from the Federal state statistics service of Russia , diploma “Kurmet” for contribution to the development of professional training highly qualified personnel for the Republic of Kazakhstan and active participation in social life of the University.Aigul took part in the work of various commissions of the University on the organization andevents, including the Republican NIRS, AFS specialty”Statistics”, the Commission MES.More than 16 articles and teaching materials have been published.


Ichshanova Gulnar

Professor of Law Department

Ichshanova Gulnar – Professor of Law Department. Gulnar teaches  theory of state and law and international law. She has more than 100 scientific works on the history and theory of state and law of Kazakhstan and  international human rights law. She was trained in pedagogical skills at Newcastle University (UK).


Kuandykov Kaldarbek

Associate Professor, candidate of law

Kuandykov Kaldarbek – Associate Professor of “Law”, candidate of law. He teaches such disciplines as: – environmental law of RK, land law of RK, law of RK,the customs law of the RK. He has prepared more than 20 master’s degree students in the specialty: “Jurisprudence”and ” Customs”. Has more than 70 scientific works, including 1 monograph, 4 manuals and more than 10 educational and methodological grants on problems of ecological law, land law and customs law.


Kantarbayeva Shyryn

Professor, doctor of economic Sciences

Kanatarbayeva Shyryn – Professor of the Department of Public administration, doctor of Economic Sciences. He has published 130 scientific papers in the field of improving public administration of agriculture. Was awarded with the badge of MES RK “Honorary worker of education”, twice laureate of the state scholarship for young scientists of MES RK, winner of the 1st degree of the  S.Zimanov contest for young scientists “Union of scientists”. She was awarded by the letter of Gratitude of the Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan for the best scientific work of students in the competition “Scientists of the future”.


Doskeyeva Gulashar

doctor of economic sciences, professor

Doskeyeva Gulashar- doctor of economic sciences, professor. She has more than 100 scientific papers published in domestic and foreign scientific journals, including 8 articles published in scientific journals with non-zero impact factor listed in Scopus and Thomson Reuters. She is the author of 5 textbooks (2 of them are written in co-authorship), 2 scientific monographs. Gulashar is the holder of the title of MES ” Best teacher of the University » (2015)


Iyembekova Maira Orakovna

associate Professor, candidate of historical Sciences

Iyembekova Maira Orakovna – associate Professor of “Public administration”, candidate of historical Sciences. Maira is one of the leading teachers of the specialty “International relations”. She is the author of 2 collective monographs, textbooks and more than 50 scientific articles in the field of topical issues of international relations, the main directions of foreign policy of Kazakhstan and the problems of transboundary rivers of Central Asia.


Andirzhanova Gulnar

Doctor of political sciences, Professor

Andirzhanova Gulnar – Doctor of political sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of the International Academy of Education and Science. Professor of the department of public administration at Narxoz University. Specializes in foreign policy of developed countries, industrial and innovation policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and gender policy. In 2016, she was awarded “the best teacher of Narxoz” and at the world book exhibition in Frankfurt-on-the-Maine (2016), she received a Gold medal for the publication of the monograph “National model of development of Kazakhstan”.

Italmasova Raushan

Doctor of Social Sciences, Associate Professor

Italmasova Raushan – Doctor of Social Sciences, Associate Professor of “Public Administration”. Her sphere of professional interests covers sociological analysis of investment policy of Kazakhstan, the problems of higher education and the effectiveness of methods and approaches in teaching. Raushan has significant experience in conducting field research, including research conducted for ministries of the Republic of Kazakhstan, scientific and research internships in Russia (RAS, MSU), Cyprus (Mediterranean University) and  Malaysia (Taylor University).


Kenzhalina Zhanna

Kenzhalina Zhanna – Participates in a range of scientific projects, including “development of the project “Creation of the university ecosystem of training and support of young entrepreneurs”. She has published around 60 works in Kazakhstan and internationally on topical economic and social problems. Zhanna is author of the textbook “organization of remuneration” in Russian and Kazakh. She was awarded the best teacher awarded by the University in 2012. Zhanna is an expert of the Science Fund Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan and holds certificates of “School KPI”, European license of business competence (San Benedetto Del Tronto, Italy), “Train the Trainer” in the framework of the project “e-NEU” and a certificate of the President (2017).


Ospanov Yedilbay

associate Professor of Economics

Ospanov Yedilbay associate Professor of Economics. In 2015, Yedilbay passed the training in the  “Management in education and science” specialty on the program Bolashak at the University of Nottingham . He worked as a lecturer at the Academy of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Almaty and Kazakh National Pedagogical University of Abay. Since year 2016 works at the Narxoz University. The main course taught is “Academic writing”. Author of mini – online courses and the author of the academic manual on the “Academic Writing” course, released in 2018. Published about thirty articles in English and Kazakh languages in the sphere of management and linguistics.


Omarov Bakhyt

senior lecturer, Department of Economics

Omarov Bakhyt – is a senior lecturer, Department of Economics.He was trained at the Central University of Economics and Finance, Beijing (China), Tsukuba University, Tokyo (Japan) and Prague University of Economics (Czech Republic).Bakhyt is the founder of a numerous companies in the construction industry, food industry and tourism. He is a member of the National chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken”. He was. Member of the Public Council on combating corruption at the Auezov district branch of the party “Nur Otan”.


Baispay Gulshat

master of technical Sciences, lecturer, Department of Technology and ecology

Baispay Gulshat-master of technical Sciences, lecturer, Department of Technology and ecology. She was trained in the direction of Cisco Networking Devices. Gulshat had an internship at the University of Granada (Spain). Range of scientific activities: management and security of computer networks, the use of IT to optimize scientific and educational activities, information systems. She has published more than 16 articles in publications recommended by CCNR, RSCI and international conferences. Conducts classes in disciplines: “Design and administration of computer networks (Cisco)”, “Computer networks and cloud technologies”, “data Management”, “Cybersecurity”, “information-communication technologies”.


Borodina Alina

doctor PhD

Borodina Alina-doctor PhD. Successfully defended her thesis on may 12, 2018 in the dissertation Council of the KazNU on ” Legal regulation of the use and protection of groundwater in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the transition to a “green economy”. Intern at the University of Kiel (Kiel, Germany) and Rovira I Virgili University (Tarragona, Spain). She has 19 publications, including 1 monograph on the topic of dissertation research, 2 articles in the journal Scopus, 4 articles in the journal KKSON. Actively participated in scientific events.


Sharipov Aybar

Sharipov Aybar– the is a graduate of Nazarbayev University ‘ 16, where he received a master’s degree in political science and international relations. Master’s thesis was on ” the Hidden actions of the United States: the effect of Exposure and the Popularity of the President.” In the sphere of research interests includes: covert operations of the United States, terrorism, international conflict and security. At the moment, Aybar is a teacher of the Department of “Public administration” of the School of Law and Social Sciences at the University of Narxoz, where he also takes an active part in the preparation of new curricula. In his spare time, Aybar likes to go trekking and horseback riding.


Dmitry Kim

Dmitry Kim– a specialist in the field of probability theory and mathematical statistics, graduated from the baccalaureate of mechanics and mathematics faculty of KazNU. al-Farabi, then master’s and postgraduate studies at NSU, held a postdoctoral position at Heriot-Watt University. He started his teaching career in 2002 and since then has worked in several educational, IT and research organizations, has experience in commercialization of scientific research. Research interests together with theoretical research include applications of probabilistic and statistical methods for modeling complex systems, risk theory and integration of renewable energy in the power system. Author of more than 20 publications, co-author of the 1st monograph and the 1st patent. Scientific Director or a member of a team of about 20 research grants.