General Law

This major is aimed at the study of law, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities which are carried out by authorized state bodies and officials. Main activities of the graduate include, but are not limited to, the security of individuals, prevention and suppression of crimes and administrative offenses, detection and disclosure of crimes, protection of public order and public safety.

What can I do with this program?

Training under this program primarily prepares cadres for law enforcement,  the judiciary and other government agencies. However, the diversity and comprehensiveness of the knowledge and disciplines allows graduates to successfully pursue their career goals in other areas of law, including those related to economic activity.

Criminal Law

This major focuses on the prevention, investigation and detection of offences, maintenance of juridical order, fighting crime and other violations. This program helps students broaden their knowledge on implementing legal norms and theories in practice, evaluation and assessment of arguments, researching all the aspects of juridical procedure and making decisions which are legally defensible.

What can I do with this program?

Graduates can perform a range of law enforcement practices (forensic, investigative, economic, operational-investigative, operational-economic, operational-forensic, administrative-legal, criminal-executive, lawyer, expert, notary). Also, they can be involved in pedagogical activity in educational institutions.

Business Law

The purpose of this major is to train highly qualified specialists in business law who can provide legal consultations in the transnational and international business environment, who also can explain the latest issues and trends in the field of business, analyze and assess legal cases, effectively solve legal problems facing the business, conduct research and provide recommendations to legislators to improve the regulation of the business environment.

What can I do with this program?

Graduates will be able to work in the private and public sectors, in academic and research institutions, as well as commercial courts (pre-trial dispute resolution institutions, tribunals, arbitration courts) and other organizations such as associations promoting and protecting the interests and rights of consumers and employees. In addition, graduates will be able to work as independent consultants or create their own companies that provide legal consulting services.