International Relations

Each person comes to such time when they need to decide on a profession!  University Narxoz trains students in the specialty “International Relations”, which is considered one of the most prestigious because graduates become qualified specialists in international relations, able to explore, analyze and propose solutions to the problems of modern world and regional politics. Studying in this specialty, students master two languages, one of which is studied in depth. You can also study in foreign universities according to the programs of international academic mobility.

Graduate - International studies may specialize:

  • In the field of political studies of international relations and regional development
  • In the field of international security and conflict management
  • The political analysis of international processes, in intercultural and interethnic communications

You can complete internship:

  • in the Foreign Ministry, in the archive of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan , in the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan
  • in the departments of foreign and domestic policy in local government (local authorities of different levels)
  • international organizations, in Kazakhstan research centers , in non-state structures

After graduation you can work in:

  • MFA of RK and diplomatic missions of RK
  • Public authorities and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan working in the sphere of foreign policy relations, world politics
  • International organizations ( UN ,   UNESCO ,   OSCE ,   CIS   and etc.)
  • Scientific and educational organizations of Kazakhstan
  • Non-state structures (large and medium business, political parties and public movements; consulting, analytical, research, educational centers, media, international and Kazakh NGOs , etc.