Our goal is to provide our students with specialized knowledge in a range of areas and a set of fundamental skills which will equip them to positively shape their futures, those of their families and their society.

We live in an interconnected world. The School of Law and Social Sciences aims to produce graduates who are able to understand these connections and complexities and are better prepared for the world of work and future study.

We offer programs in Kazakh, Russian and English

  • Economics (with specializations in economic analysis, globalization,  regional development and agricultural economics)
  • Ecology (with specializations in environmental sciences, environmental economics and sustainable development)
  • Law (with specializations in criminal and business law)
  • International relations (with specializations in energy security and ethnic studies)
  • Public administration (with specializations in new public finance and management)
  • Information systems and statistics
  • Social work
  • Psychology

In all our programs we support our students to

  • Gain a broad ranging education focused on developing a practical understanding of the world to help them find interesting and useful jobs
  • Develop creative, problem solving and critical thinking skills and the ability to apply these to understand real world issues – skills employers value highly
  • Become active citizens contributing to the development of the economy and society by building expertise in areas which are important to the continuing modernization of Kazakhstan and Central Asia
  • Gain an in depth understanding of their chosen specialization and in other disciplines through our unique minor program, where for example, economics students can learn about ecology, information technology, public administration, law, business, international relations, social work and statistics.

These goals are only possible to achieve by building a partnership between all the stakeholders in the process – our students, their families, the faculty, future employers and international partner universities.